Colour £28.00    
French £30.00    
Rock Glitter/Signature Nail +£5.00    
Nail designs +£5.00    
Added to enhancement +£10.00    
Added to manicure +£10.00    
Added to pedicure +£10.00    

Shape, cuticle removal and Shellac. For a high gloss mirror finish, this ultimate power polish; lasts for up to 2 weeks; goes on like varnish, wears like gel; and comes off in 10 minutes. Kind to the natural nail as there is no buffing required.

CND’s celebrated beauty innovation, CND Shellac Power Polish has a two week flawless wear, zero-dry time and mirror shine. CND Vinylux polish defies time with week long wear and a top coat that actually toughens over time with exposure to natural light. With a full range of runway inspired shades to accessorize every outfit, CND Shellac and CND Vinylux deliver beautiful nails for the modern woman. Your technician will be happy to discuss the products/treatments most suitable for you.