Lip or chin   £9.50
Lip and chin   £16.00
Nose   £10.00
Underarm   £12.50
Arm   £21.00
Half leg   £20.00
Half leg & bikini   £30.00
Half leg, bikini & underarm   £40.00
Full leg   £30.00
Full leg & bikini   £40.00
Chest or back   £24.00
Standard Bikini   £15.00
Extended Bikini   £20.00
G-String   £30.00
Brazilian   £35.00
Hollywood   £40.00

Please note:
• Hair must be at least 1cm long for waxing treatment
• It is not advisable to have a sauna, steam, or any other heat treatment after waxing for at least 12 hours
• Hot wax is suitable if your skin is very sensitive
• All waxing must be carried out 24 hours before any tanning treatment
• Whilst we are happy to treat clients under the age of 16 they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

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