Celebrating 25 years of Nail Talk – August 2013

Samantha Sweet – Sweet Squared

"It is with great honour that I email you all today to share some pretty darn terrific news!!

"One of our longest serving CND Education Ambassadors Pamela Rohlf will be celebrating her 25th Anniversary of Nail Talk her exclusive CND salon in Maidenhead Berkshire. Sadly (very sadly) Sam and I will be in Las Vegas for a week of meetings but we wanted to take the opportunity to share Pamela’s 25th year triumph and achievement as it really is a great one! There are many out there who have never been able to keep a business for 25 minutes never mind 25 years!!

"Please join us in shouting, whooping, hollering, high-fiving, loving and respecting to Pamela who is a legend within our CND community and who has unreservedly believed in and supported the CND brand, Designer Nails and Sweet Squared for all these long years!

"Pamela, we love and adore you and our team would not be our team without you. There will be a few surprises in store for you on Saturday and I hope you enjoy every one of them!!

"Samuel, Gigi, Jim, Jan Arnold, Denise Dente and I want to send you our warmest love and congratulations and here’s to your continued success and partnership!! We are hugely proud of all your trophies, accomplishments and your unswerving attitude to Serving the Pro and creating great artists to looking after your customers and keeping their nails beautiful!!!


Liza Smith

A true achievement Pamela, I've been with you for over half of it!

Welcome to the club, there aren't many of us around, in our business or ANY business! Xxx

Ruth Fordham

Pamela, absolutely amazing 25 years, a real achievement… Well done xxx

Pamela herzlichen Glueckwunsch und alles liebe zum 25ten Jubiläum, Du bist einfach klasse xxxx

Alles liebe Ruth xxxx

Clare Wilson

Aww lovely Pamela xx

Many congratulations on 25 years inspiring and serving your students , your loved and admired by us all xx well done and enjoy your day xx

Much love darling, Clare xx

Jeni Smith

Totally amaze balls Pamela, congratulations sweetie, you deserve everything, I have the honour of saying you we're the first Cnd EA who started me on my CND Journey back in 2008 and I thank you for that. You have touched and helped so many people and I hope that I can say the same thing in another 18 years.

Enjoy your day babe

Loads of love, hugs and best wishes for an amazing anniversary xxxxxx

Rheah Francis

Congratulations Pamela, You are a true example of living for the job, hope you celebrate your 25 years in a wonderful fabulous way. Xxx

Kate Taylor

Pamela, Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary.

What an achievement!!!!

Wishing you all the best for saturday, I will have a glass (or 2/3) for you!!!!

Katherine Wilson-Britton

Truly amazeballs Pamela! Congratulations. I know you have changed so many people lives along your career and you are a true legend.

Enjoy your celebrations, you truly deserve a happy happy happy week and weekend.

Lots of love to my fellow biker-chick, Love Kat xxx

Nataliya Al-Ta'ai

Congratulations Pamela, you are an asset to our big and lovely family! I love and adore you!

Mwah mwah Xxx

Hannah Evans

Well done Pamela, you must be so proud, what an inspiration.

Hugs, Hannah x


I am a true fan of Pamela’s. Way to go Pam!!! Xxxxxx

Kelly Loyd

An inspiration to us all Pamela, congratulations xxxxxxxx

Gemma Pinfield-Thomas

Huge congratulations to you Pamela. I hope you will celebrate your big day in style! Xxx

Nicola Badmus

Congratuations Pamela, hope you have a great day celebrating xxx

Paul Lawton

Wir liebe dich, Pamela ☺

Kate Stinton

Way to go Pamela! A shining example of success.

Lots of Love Kate Xxx

Linda Fawcett

“HUGE CONGRATULATIONS”… A great achievement for our lovely Pamela. Linda xxxx

Catherine Dunne

Wow that’s amazing! Very inspirational xx Gemma Beard Wow congratulations Pamela, what an achievement ☺

Love and Respect, Catherine

Debbie Davies

Dearest Pamela, Huge congratulations on your anniversary and here’s to many more! MUCH Love and Respect

Kay Pennington

Wow Pamela… you are amazing and should be so proud! Hugs Kay

Justine Bohanna

Congratualtions Pamela ☺ xx

Samuel Sweet

Just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” for educating and influencing so many over the years. You are a legend!

Hannah Rowland

Pamela… You are the great aunt of our team that is always there with the biggest hugs and always surrounded by laughter. You are one person that cares and makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, you are the only women that styles two pairs of glasses at the same time whilst sculpting and you're one person amongst us all with such hidden intelligence, I look up to you and congratulate you for all you achievements and more than anything thank you for paving the way in education for so many years leaving footsteps for us to follow in.

You ROCK Rohlfy xxxx Hannah Rowland

Julia Moran

Lovely Pamela, You should be so thrilled reminiscing your wonderful achievements and level of professionalism that you continue to ooze after 25 years. Your family must be so immensely proud, as I am to know you also. Enjoy your celebrations x


Samantha Birkett-Leigh

Massive congratulations Pamela… Here's to another 25 years ;o) Have fun celebrating your amazing success!!! Sammy B xox


Kate Stinton

Way to go Pamela – a shining example of success. Lots of Love


Della Lavers

Inspirational to us all! Congratulations Pamela, what an achievement. I will never forget how lovely you were to me as my Roomie at ExCeL when I was feeling ill, thank you again for that lovely lady x Have a wonderful time Saturday, or if you read this next month I hope you had a wonderful time ;) xxxxx


Gigi Rouse

Dear Pamela, TWENTY FIVE YEARS I want to congratulate you, Pamela, and to thank you from the depths of my heart not only for your fantastic representation of CND and Designer Nails and S2 for the last 25 years but also for being the dear Pamela you have always been; you have never changed in that way. You are loyal, trustworthy always thoughtful and appreciative ... I have never seen you say an unkind word about anyone. Times have not always been easy for you, but you are a fighter with 'true grit' and have triumphed through ... your way, Pamela. I am proud and honoured and always will be, to have had a person with your character on my team. Enjoy your celebrations! We will raise a glass together soon, I hope. XXXX


Amelia Redhead

An amazing achievement Pamela!! You’re a wonderful woman who has and will continue to inspire many!! Hope you enjoy you celebrations ☺ Viel Liebe ☺ xxxx


Kelly Winterburn

Congratulations Pamela, a true CND Legend, here’s to many more years. xxxx


Kayley Cairns

Wow, 25 years” I hope in that time I will achieve half as much, well done Pamela you are a huge inspiration to so many of us! xx


Katrina Kneebone

Well done pam, you are a true legend and always full of warmth and kindness. Wonderful Lady xxxx

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