IBX System - Initial treatment Duration 15mins £10.00
IBX System - Subsequent Treatments   £5.00
IBX System - Added to manicure or Shellac   £8.00

Whatever the condition of your nails, be they weak, damaged or normal then this system is for you. Strengthening your nails from within this treatment is applied like polish and penetrates into the nail with heat. Cured with an LED or UV light.

Protect your nails with a protective nail shield under all gel polish and grow your nails with this natural nail strengthening system.

House manicure Duration 40mins £25.00

Soak cuticles and shape. Includes a hand massage, cleanse and nail polish.

Spa manicure Duration 60mins £35.00

Choice of an almond or citrus spa manicure with added skin exfoliation. This can include a paraffin wax or hot mittens. A luxurious massage for hands and forearms.

File, cuticle removal & varnish Duration 20mins £15.00
Gents manicure Duration 30mins £20.00